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Working out of his garage with a band saw, welder and plasma cutter,  James Kafka started JK Enterprises in 1993.  After a year, he had acquired 4 acres and a 32' x 53' building and with the help of his first employee, he self built and installed the first 2 ton crane.  This was the start of Kafka Conveyors & Equipment Inc.


By 1997, two 55' x 100' coverall buildings had been erected for an assembly shop, with a 32' x 100' paint booth joining them in 1999.  Since 2000,  Jim has expanded Kafka Conveyors & Equipment Inc. by an additional 39,100 feet.  In 2015 a third bay was added to the southwest shop to add more workable space to meet our demand of production.


Over the years Jim's business has really took off.  He had to hire an Office Assistant in 2001, a full time Machinist in 2002, a Mechanical Engineer in 2004, a Draftsman in 2008, and most recently a Buyer in 2013.  To date, has grown to also include over 50 employees.  


In Fall of 2018 our new 250' x 350' manufacturing facility broke ground and is now up and running Fall of 2019.


Kafka Conveyors & Equipment has been accommodating the manufacturing and supply of conveyors for a wide variety of aggregate applications, including gravel, black dirt, mulch, sand, and most recently, recycling materials.

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We take PRIDE in the quality of work of ALL our employees!!!  

Fall 2019 New Shop


2019 - current

213202 State Hwy 107

Manufacturing Facility


1994 - current

 214501 State Hwy 107

Manufacturing/Office Facility

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